Entry level attorney job description and profile

Entry level attorneys are the lawyers who are just out of law school or internship and on their first jobs. There are a number of jobs that an entry level attorney can choose. Most of the entry level attorneys work under senior attorneys. They are not given major responsibilities and have to use their time following orders and learning various practical legal concepts of the company as well as corporate law.

Entry level attorney duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting legal officers in all kinds of legal work as per instructions
  • Work as a team and perform the duties allotted
  • Ensuring that any work allotted in completed in time and perfectly
  • Observing and learning various activities regarding law practice
  • Will have to make court visits, visit other companies, government offices and police stations either individually or along with legal assistants
  • Documenting and archiving legal documents as per the instructions of higher legal official
  • Take on individual responsibilities whenever there is a chance and prove usefulness to the company
  • Provide useful inputs in drafting contracts and agreements
  • Go through drafted documents in order to proofread them
  • Playing an active role in collecting evidence, verifying proofs and preparing grounds for litigation filings and lawsuits

Entry level attorney skills and specifications

  • Strong knowledge about legal matters regarding field of work
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Ability to learn and remember the procedures of work quickly
  • Ability to follow orders precisely
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be very hardworking and dedicated to work
  • Ability to work well after office hours
  • Must show excellent team spirit
  • A drive to learn and grow in the field

Entry level attorney education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in law
  • Experience is not required

Entry level attorney salary

  • Salary varies depending on the company and skill of the attorney
  • Salary may range anywhere between $30,000 and $80,000 per annum