Editorial Assistant Job Profile and Description

Many people, who want to do editorial work, typically start their career as editorial assistant. An editorial assistant’s job profile will cover administrative as well as editorial tasks. For instance, the editorial assistant may have to supervise freelance writers to ensure that they submit their articles on time. At times, an editorial assistant could also write articles and do basic proofreading.

The job profile of an editorial assistant depends on the company he is working for. In smaller companies, an editorial assistant will have more responsibilities, while in larger companies, the job will involve doing more administrative tasks.

Editorial Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an editorial assistant are as follows:

  • Supporting the editorial staff in all publication-related activities
  • Being a personal assistant to the editors
  • Issuing contracts to writers
  • Dealing with matters related to royalties
  • Liaising with in-house writers, printers, production staff, designers and photographers
  • Handling administration of work given to freelance writers, photographers, illustrators, stylists and picture researchers
  • Summarizing written material
  • Editing and proofreading articles and manuscripts before sending them to the editors
  • Handling telephone and email inquiries from writers
  • Filing, photocopying and doing other routine administrative tasks
  • Getting rights for materials from other publications
  • Writing articles
  • Collating work of many writers or authors
  • Assessing manuscripts and making recommendation about them to the editor
  • Sourcing freelance writers
  • Assisting art director and design team during publishing

Editorial Assistant Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that an editorial assistant needs are as follows:

  • Keen eye for details
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Well organized
  • Great problem solving skills
  • Be able to multitask
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Be good at publication software
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Be proactive
  • Be able to work in a team and also independently
  • Be able to work without supervision
  • Be computer savvy

Editorial Assistant Education and Qualifications

To work as an editorial assistant, a person needs the following education and qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent with good SAT scores
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or Communication
  • If working in a specific type of publication, the editorial assistant should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Internship in newspapers, magazines, literary agencies and publishing houses during college or university education is an added benefit

Editorial Assistant Salary

Typically an editorial assistant’s salary depends on the experience. Hence, the salary can range anywhere from $27,600 to 39,000.