Job Title

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect Job Duties and Functions:

  1. Coming up with an information technology model that meets the needs of the organization according to the strategy and goals of the organization
  2. Designing and implementing new software systems for the business that will help in service system solution.
  3. Providing guidelines and training other members of staff on how to utilize the system
  4. Understanding what the core business needs of the organization and finding ways of fulfilling them.
  5. Documenting the plans of the business and its strategies
  6. Keeping track of the business plans and any current plans that are being made which will require IT resources
  7. Monitoring and reviewing the success of the system and ensuring its effective and efficient running
  8. Giving direction for various departments in the organization on how they can utilize IT to meet their business goals.
  9. Allying and incorporating the needs of the organization with IT. This involves fusing together the functional needs of the business with IT systems
  10. Recommending any future computer system technologies that will help in the improvement of business in the organization
  11. Integrating IT solution systems for the business with the existing client systems
  12. Working in connection with other IT experts in the organization
  13. Trouble shooting of complex computer system problems

Professional Competencies

  • Should have very good presentation and communication skills
  • Be good in project management
  • Should be able to communicate complex problems to other people in a simple way that they will understand

Key Skills

  • You should be proficient in Microsoft Word packages such as Access, Excel, etc
  • Solid computer based background and an excellent understanding of software systems.

Enterprise Architect Reports to

A Board of Directors or Information Technology Manager