Fresher software programmer job description job description and profile 

Freshers are the people who are on their first job. Fresher software programmer is usually assigned to a senior software programmer or engineer. He learns on the job while writing programs as per instructions and testing them. Software jobs for fresh graduates are all about learning new skills that are required in the practical industry.

Fresher software programmer duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting senior software engineer in developing software
  • Testing software, documenting results and errors and presenting reports to senior
  • Preparing detailed reports for documentation
  • Receiving phone calls from clients and registering errors and complaints in the program
  • Assisting seniors in evaluating customer complaints and providing troubleshooting solutions
  • Assisting in formulating the plan and schedule for programming
  • Learning the way job is done from seniors and applying them in work
  • Developing programming skills

Fresher software programmer skills and specifications

  • Strong knowledge about basic software programming
  • Ability to learn on the job and be attentive all the time
  • Excellent observation and grasping skills
  • Good communication skills
  • The desire to learn new things about software programming
  • Updating knowledge about software programming
  • Ability to work as a team and make useful contributions
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions precisely
  • Ability to work under the stress of meeting deadlines

Fresher software programmer education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology is required for the job
  • Associate’s degree followed by vocational courses in programming languages are helpful
  • Experience is not required but part time jobs or industrial training during college is helpful

Fresher software programmer salary

  • Salary for freshers in the software industry begins from $40,000 per annum
  • Career growth in the industry is quicker than many other industries
  • Senior software engineers earn $120,000 per annum