A career is not something to be chosen lightly or on a mere moment’s notice. It is something that will define one’s life and identity for the rest of his lifetime and hence should be chosen with a lot of thought and care. There are certain factors to be considered while choosing a career and some of them are as follows:

  • Aptitude: Everyone cannot excel at everything. The task of discovering one’s aptitude in a certain subject, area or field is one of the most important and critical tasks which our school life witnesses. It is the best if one is clear about his aptitude as this can be built upon to lay the foundations of the career.
  • Education: It is commonly accepted that education is the best foundation of one’s career. The earlier one can decide upon his or her career interests, the better it is since then the education can be directed towards channeling resources and knowledge and the foundations of a career can be laid early.
  • Interest: One must always remember that the choice of a career will be one that will have its repercussions for decades. It is only a lucky few who can switch careers and get away with it, but for most of us, a career is a lasting lifelong decision whose consequences we have to accept. In such a case, it is the best to choose the career according to one’s interest since job satisfaction is a crucial factor that will determine even one’s performance in the job.
  • Needs: The financial needs of an individual also determine the kind of career path he is likely to choose. Often when pressing financial needs come to the fore, the choice of a career becomes very fraught. In such cases, priorities come into play and the choice of a career becomes a very critical and watershed moment in one’s life.