A career description is a document which contains an outline of a particular career, usually for the purposes of advertisement or providing information to potential employees who wish to know all they can about a certain job. Thus a career description must be written keeping in mind the purposes of the document and the need it is supposed to serve. Certain considerations must be kept in mind while penning career descriptions and they are as follows:

  • A career description is mainly informative and thus it should contain all relevant information about the career concerned. This includes important details like payment, responsibilities expected, criteria for securing the job, perks and so on. The details must be carefully mentioned so that they are given enough space and attention.
  • The document or write-up can be of varying lengths depending upon the medium of representation. For example, a career description on the internet for the company website can utilize space which a small write-up printed in a brochure cannot. Hence space is a constraint which must be kept in mind and which is completely dependent on the medium through which the career description will be disseminated.
  • The purpose of the career description is also important in determining the content of the document. For example, the career description may be solely for advertisement purposes which will be written with a different slant than a career description written for a more informative purpose. Thus this should be kept in mind while writing a career description.
  • The style of the career description should be prosaic and matter of fact, especially if the primary urge is informative. All necessary details must be incorporated and care should be taken to make it as no-frills as possible. The career description must be given the consideration it deserves in order to have a true impact.