A career ladder is a concept that was originally developed in the field of business and management. It implies the movement from entry level jobs to top level jobs with more responsibility and power as well as hefty paychecks. Every individual has thus to follow this career ladder to achieve his aims and goals, and the job description of the top job in the career ladder must be conforming to the status and importance of the position. Certain considerations need to be kept in mind while framing and writing the job description of the top job on the career ladder which is considered as an end in itself.

  • The responsibilities of the top job on the career ladder are the most critical part of the job. These should be clearly articulated and every effort should be given to enforce the challenging nature of the job to act as a filter for only the most dedicated contestants.
  • The kind of stringent qualifications needed to qualify for the top job in a career ladder must also be mentioned very specifically. This shall intimate the educational qualifications and more importantly, the work experience needed to lay claim to the top job and will also act as a sort of screening to ensure that only the most talented and dedicated persons aim for the post.
  • The top job on a career ladder must be written in an engaging and interesting style so that potential candidates are lured by the job despite its challenges and take a keen interest in it. The style should be fitting to the grandeur and stature of the job itself. It should be made as attractive as possible without compromising the informative impulse. Thus describing the top job in a career ladder is quite a challenging task and needs some thought.