Law Clerk Job Profile and  Description

Law clerk assists judges or lawyers by performing legal analysis, researching and preparing legal files or documents. Clerks provide assistance in all kinds of legal and administrative matters to the team of Legal Services. They produce draft opinions that serve as the groundwork required by attorney or judges. Most common duties are to provide general assistance and to ensure the proper readiness of courtroom.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Exploring and studying legal documents for determining causes of action, examining law of cases and facts, and preparing cases.
  • Screening petitions, motions and complaints filed to determine the litigant’s legal merit.
  • Preparing affidavits of documents, maintaining case correspondence and document files.
  • Advising judge on the priority needs and status of assigned cases.
  • Researching analyzing law sources for preparing draft of briefs for approval, review, and advance use by attorney.
  • Maintaining liaison between officials, attorneys, and litigants.
  • Evaluating current procedures to determine process that is more efficient.
  • Reviewing and filing petitions, pleadings, and other legal documents pertinent to court procedures.
  • Setting up courtroom, recording equipment, and recording court proceedings.
  • Preparing closing statements of real estate and assisting in closing procedure.
  • Delivering subpoenas to parties and witnesses to action.
  • Maintaining retrieval and information storage services including legal search facilities and library.
  • Storing, listing, and maintaining cash of legal volumes.
  • Evaluating and inventorying personal and real property for estate planning.
  • Communicating and arbitrating dispute between different parties.
  • Helping judges in the translation of legal documents.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of rules and procedures of Law and Government.
  • Proficiency in speaking and writing English language.
  • Knowledge of clerical procedures.
  • Effective personal and customer service.
  • Quickly grasp things.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school diploma from an accredited institution.
  • Clerical experience.