Legal Counsel Job Profile and  Description

Legal Counsel is an individual who provides the organization with effective legal services, advice, and representation for complicated legal issues cognate to the organization’s mandate under the principles of Human Rights. They analyze statues, constitution, ordinances, and decisions of quasi-juridical bodies.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implementing the legal processes required to affect the privileges, obligations, and rights of the organization.
  • Preparing and reviewing various legal documents such as contracts, licenses, leases, sales, purchases, real estate, etc.
  • Applying for registration or copyrights of the products, devices, processes, and trademarks of the organization.
  • Collecting information and evidence for decision making of management.
  • Examining legal information to find out the advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuit.
  • Conducting pretrial preparations for conference and defending the organization in law cases.
  • Examining material, such as publications, advertisements etc., for legal implications.
  • Performing advisory, informatory, and trial works.
  • Representing the organization before administrative or before quasi-judicial agencies of the National Government.
  • Discussing with colleagues specialized in specific areas of law for establishing and verifying groundwork for legal personnel.
  • Advising officials on government regulations, tax matters, and legal rights.
  • Preparing business contacts, settle labor disputes, administer legal matters, and pay taxes.
  • Advising regarding transactions of business concerning internal affairs, directors, stockholders, officers, and corporate relationship with public.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with senior legal staff.
  • Energetic individual with unusual initiative.
  • Commitment to outstanding performance.
  • Ability to equilibrate priorities and organize work effectively to meet deadlines.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of law or three-year law degree from an accredited law school.
  • Specialization in particular phase of law.