A manager is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the organization in which he is employed. He may have to manage a team of staff or a certain department and ensure that they are working with complete efficiency. The manager has to ensure that the company policies and procedures are being followed.

He has to also ensure that the staff members are maintaining discipline and professional attitude at workplace; if any staff is not doing he may has to take strict action against them.  Some managers may also have to conduct interviews in order to recruit new employees. This is applicable especially in case of HR managers. HR managers also have to recruit candidates as per the requirement of the organization.

Some managers may also have to provide training to new joiners. They have to update the candidates about the company policies and the operation process. The job profile of a manger differs from one industry to another and also from one department to another. The job profile of an IT manager will be different from that of an operations manager. Some managers may also have manage technical aspects.

Manager Duties and Responsibilities

There are numerous duties and responsibilities in the job position of a manager. The duties and responsibilities depend on the industry in which the individual is working and also the department. The most common duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • To overlook the daily operations of an organization
  • To ensure that the staff are following the company policies and procedures
  • Training new joiners about company policies
  • Attending to the issues of the employees and trying to sort it out
  • Implementing rules and procedures
  • Ensuring and efficiency and integrity are maintained

Manager Skills and Specifications

A manager needs to have various skills and specifications in order to excel in their job position. The various skills and specifications of a manager are as follows:

  • Excellent managerial skills
  • Ability to sort issues
  • Should be motivating
  • Must possess excellent leadership qualities
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Manager Education and Qualification

The education and qualification of a manager varies from one industry to another. It is always preferable to have a management degree. An individual with an MBA degree has more edge over other candidates.

Manager Salary

There is no fixed salary as such of a manager. The salary differs from one industry to another depending upon the job profile.