The cashier’s job description is mainly related to the payment. He/she should take the payments from the customers and should provide the change to the customers. The cashier should make sure that he/she has given the correct change. So you should know the roles and responsibilities clearly to get an idea of what is the job description of a cashier. Cashiers should be effective and efficient when they carry out their responsibilities.

Here we are mentioning the job description of a cashier.

Cash drawers

Cashiers should take the payments and return back the change to the customers. They should be sure that they have given a correct change, or else their respective cash drawers will not balance.

Credit or debit cards

Sometimes the customers will pay credit or debit cards, and the cashiers should know the way of processing those types of transactions.


Scanning the products

In the grocery store, the cashiers should check out the orders of customers by scanning the barcode present on the product in the checkout line.

Selling the products

Cashiers even sell money orders, lottery tickets, cashier checks, bag groceries, change the register tape of the cash, stamps, balance the money drawer, mention other services and products, and transfer cash to the vault.

Customer service

Cashiers even handle the customer service inquiries. If necessary, sometimes they also refer the customers to the management for extra handling.

Managing the cash

Cashiers even prepare cash bags for the drivers of truck, count the coins using the coin machine, and balance the bank vault. Sometimes the cashiers have to take deposits, cash checks and carry out the withdrawal requests. Cashiers should also verify whether the money is legitimate or counterfeit.