Bank tellers are mainly responsible for carrying out the routine financial transactions which the customers make. The key aspect of the bank teller’s job description is to cater the customer’s financial requirements. So if you want to start your career as a bank teller you should know what is the job description of a bankteller for getting a clear view.

Bank tellers carry out several tasks at the bank counter. Below we are specifying the job description of a bank teller.

Receiving the payments

The main responsibility of the bank teller is to obtain the payments as checks or cash from their customers. They also provide money to their customers from their respective accounts by performing the standard procedures and formalities.

Customer service skills

A bank teller should possess very well customer service skills as he/she tends to be the representative of bank with whom the customers often administer their business.



A bank teller spend most of the time in cashing the checks, withdrawals, funds transfer between the accounts, handling the deposits and processing the loan payments.


A bank teller is also responsible for managing huge amounts of cash. Bank teller should display high level accuracy when he/she balances the money drawer at the end of every business day. They should also check whether the details written on the withdrawal slip are accurate or not. The details like account holder name, account number, withdrawal date, and the amount withdrawn are analyzed by the bank tellers.


The deposit slips which were filled by their customers for depositing the cash into their respective accounts are also checked by a bank teller. The deposited money is being counted by them properly. This counting is done manually or by using the cash counting machine.

Problem solving skills

The job description of the bank teller also involves solving various types of difficulties faced by their customers concerned with the withdrawals, deposits and money transfer. If there are any problems concerned to the account statements, bank tellers try to solve the problems by analyzing the problem carefully and quickly finding out the solutions.