Mechanical technician job description and profile

A mechanical technician takes care of the machines in an industry and ensures that they are working optimally. His job profile includes installation of machines and machines parts as well as their maintenance and repair.

Mechanical technician job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a mechanical technical job are:

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of machine and machine components
  • Testing machines and troubleshooting in case of problems
  • Assembling machines
  • Getting involved in the machine building process from the blueprint stage and planning the progress of the project
  • Perform workshop functions like welding, soldering, brazing and working with lathe machines
  • Recording the performance of each machine with regard to intake and output and present it to the management
  • Suggest ways to improve the performance of machines
  • Maintenance of the equipment required for installation and repair of machines

Mechanical technician skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a mechanical technician are:

  • A sound knowledge about the basic working concepts of different kinds of machines
  • A sound knowledge about installation and repair of machines and the correct usage of the tools
  • A sound knowledge about the safety precautions while working with machines
  • A sound knowledge about the permissible standards to be maintained for machines
  • Ability to analyse and zero in on the cause of trouble and rectify the problem
  • Ability to work in a team involving engineers, machine architects, scientists and workers

Mechanical technician education and qualification

The education and qualifications required for the job of a mechanical technician are:

  • A high school diploma followed by a certification course or a vocational course in mechanical engineering concepts
  • Experience in various subordinate levels in industry operations

Mechanical technician salary

The salary of a mechanical technician ranges between $45,000 to $51,000 with the median salary being $49,000 per annum.