Medical Case Manager Job Description and Profile

The medical case manager is the individual who is a health care professional and responsible for ensuring the correct providing of health care services to the patients. The job is generally provided to individuals with a registered nurse certification. The managerial position requires training at all the various levels of nursing care. This type of a job is also known as case manager or nurse case managers because of the basic skills required for this profile.

Medical Case Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing health plans for patients
  • Overseeing the correct implementation of the health plans
  • Recording the effectiveness or reasons for failure of the health plans
  • Controlling and purchasing medical supplies
  • Providing medical advice to patients
  • Offering emotional support to family members
  • Directing teams of licensed practical nurses

Medical Case Manager Education, Training, and Qualification

The minimum requirement to become a medical case manager is holding a registered nurse certification. This certification is offered to individuals who hold an associate degree in nursing. Most of the employers prefer registered nurses with a bachelor or master degree as a medical case manager. Prior experience in the field of nursing is also required. Employers prefer individuals having substantial previous experience in a supervisory or similar position.

Medical Case Manager Degrees, Courses, and Certifications

A medical case manager must hold an associate degree in the field of nursing. A bachelor and/or master degree in a related field is an added advantage. Several individuals who want to take up a career as a medical case manager may choose to procure credentials that demonstrate their skills associated with providing health care services. The American Case Management Association is the sole organization in the United States of America that is allowed to offer case manager certification.

Medical Case Manager Skills and Specifications

  • An eye for details
  • Leadership qualities to manage other health care professionals
  • Interpersonal skills to offer guidance to patients and family members
  • Team player without showing his/her authority
  • Emotional stability and empathy towards patients
  • Ability to cope with stressful situations

Medical Case Manager Salary

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau forecasts an annual growth rate of twenty-two percent in the salaries earned by medical case managers from 2008 to 2018. The average salary of medical case managers is $68000 per year with the bottom ten percent earning $56000 and the top ten percent making $79000 annually.