Medical Research Analyst Job Description and Profile

The medical research analyst works on the medical studies undertaken to measure the effectiveness of new medications, devices, or processes on the human bodies. The research is typically undertaken in a hospital, laboratory, or a medical facility. The medical research analyst works with the experts related to the medical field. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the rights and the wellness of the human beings are protected. In addition, the medical research analyst ensures that the information collected through the studies is reported accurately, in a complete format with sources that can be verified. The individual is responsible for compliance with the protocols and other guidelines of the regulatory authorities.

Medical Research Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the medical study
  • Identifying potential patients, interacting with these individuals, and collecting their personal information
  • Tracking the inventory
  • Ensuring compliance with the set protocols and regulatory guidelines
  • Liaisons with the supervising physicians and other medical personnel
  • Ensuring that the staff, facility, and products are as per standard norms
  • Documenting and reporting the medical findings accurately
  • Maintaining all records associated with the medical study

Medical Research Analyst Education, Training, and Qualifications

All individuals aspiring to work as a medical research analyst must possess a bachelor degree in a bio-medical field, health sciences, or clinical field. Training as a physician assistant or registered nurse is an added benefit. Experience as a university research associate is advantageous. Training must include exposure to common procedures, clinical research introduction, and on-the-job training with patients and physicians. A strong knowledge on the ICH-GCP with strong research interests is necessary.

Medical Research Analyst Degree, Courses, and Certification

A bachelor, master’s, or PhD in a medical related field from a college is important to work as a medical research analyst. The field is highly regulated and the degrees, courses, and certifications must adhere to US FDA rules and regulations. Colleges, such as Society of Clinical Research Associates and the Association of Clinical Research Professionals provide relevant training as a medical research analyst. The SOCRA offers Certified Clinical Research Professional certification to individuals.

Medical Research Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Open and clear communication skills
  • The person must be confident and influential
  • Ability to make personal decisions and assume responsibility
  • Empathizing with other people
  • Coordinating and budget planning
  • People and time management capabilities
  • Identifying potential difficulties and overcoming the situation while meeting deadlines
  • Meticulous and precise presentation of information under stressful situations

Medical Research Analyst Salary

The salary for a medical research analyst ranges from $23574 per year to $44799 per annum.