Medical Endocrinologist Job Profile and Description

Medical Endocrinologists or Physician Endocrinologists are medical doctors who specialize in the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the endocrine systems as well as related ailments traceable to endocrine gland problems.  Their studies on the various glandular secretions of the body have allowed pharmaceutical firms to synthesize some hormones which can be injected to patients with diagnosed deficiency or absence that accounts for certain ailments.

Medical Endocrinologist Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct initial physical examination of patients with suspected hormonal problems with some symptoms already a giveaway such as hirsutism, dwarfism, gigantism, and those with gynecomastia conditions, diabetes mellitus, etc.
  • Perform laboratory assays on extracted fluids form patients and conduct other diagnostics tests to confirm hormonal imbalance conditions.
  • Documents findings and treatment regimens and record progress in each treatment iteration or changes.
  • Coordinate with surgeons and other doctor specialists for further confirm or corroborate serious clinical diagnosis.
  • Keep abreast with developments in field by attending seminars and symposia here and overseas.

Endocrinologist Job Skills and Specifications

  • Must have extensive knowledge on the effects on the absence, overabundance or insufficiency of every type of human hormone and derivatives.
  • Membership in an endocrinology association or board is an advantage
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and people management skills

Endocrinologist Job Education and Qualifications

  • A PhD degree as a doctor of internal medicine with focus on endocrinology is basic
  • Must have a valid state license to practice locally.
  • 5-8 years experience in endocrinology with at least 4 years in active patient care and treatment.

Endocrinologist Job Salary

The average salary of an Endocrinologist stands at $128,000 up to a high of $231,000 inclusive of bonus and depends on the state and the hospital size.