Gerontologist Dietician/Nutritionist Job Profile and Description

The Gerontological Dietician/Nutritionist is often assigned in nursing homes, community sponsored homes for the aged and hospitals for people aged 60 and above whose health constitution requires special diet considerations due to their diminished metabolic rates.  The objective is to sustain healthy aging by keeping to a proper diet regimen that an aging body can better tolerate.

Gerontologist Dietician/Nutritionist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reformulate and implement the traditional culinary products that old folks have loved in their youth to ensure their dietary ingredients are well suited to the metabolic lethargy of aging folks.
  • Supervise a team of kitchen workers and helpers to ensure they perform their meal preparation routines using only approved ingredients and cooking processes.
  • Conduct lectures and seminars to doctors, nurses and interested healthcare workers on the correct diets and nutritional need so of old people.
  • Conduct culinary taste tests to old folks on a regularly to determine which dish for aging folks are a favorite.


Gerontologist Dietician/Nutritionist Skills and Specification

  • Must have certification in Gerontological Nutrition from the American Dietetic Association.
  • Must have exceptional patience and genuine care for the older generation including infirm and disabled old folks.
  • Must have excellent communication, social and interpersonal skills

Gerontologist Dietician/Nutritionist Education and Qualification

  • A BS degree in Dietetics, Nutrition or Food Service Management is basic
  • 7-10 years of experience in clinical dietetic work with the last 2-4 years in caring for the nutritional needs of older folks is preferred..

Gerontologist Dietician/Nutritionist Job Salary

The annual salary of a Gerontological Dietitian/Nutritionist working for a community care center for the aged is not far off from regular dietician salaries in nursing care centers.  Typically, they earn an annual median of about $43,000 with the highest 10% at around $64,000 and the lowest 10% at around $32,000.