Medical Program Manager Job Description and Profile

A medical program works at a hospital or surgical clinic and is responsible for the supervision of a specific department or managing patients’ records. The medical program is responsible for the facilities’ policies and oversees the management of staff and other resources. The individuals are also known as healthcare administrators or health services managers. These managers shoulder the responsibility of coordinating and efficiently operating a health department. The job also includes organizing and directing the services that are provided by their specific department and overseeing the performance of staff employed under this department.

Medical Program Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsibility of a specific health department
  • Hiring, training, and performance evaluation of employees in the department
  • Creation and implementation of departmental policies and procedures
  • Developing work schedules, delegating assignments, and ensuring efficient working of the personnel
  • Ensuring efficient and effective use of all departmental resources
  • Coordinating with other departmental heads and managers
  • Reporting departmental performance to the governing bodies including the board

Medical Program Manager Education, Training, and Qualifications

Medical program managers must complete the four-year graduation program with a graduate degree. However, most of the medical facilities require a master’s degree in health sciences, public, or business administration. The training includes health economics, information systems, biostatistics, epidemiology, law, ethics, and hospital administration modules. The medical program manager will possess a license in their chosen medical specialty with the necessary work experience. A large number of employers are choosing individuals with a master’s degree in hospital administration.

Medical Program Manager Degrees, Courses, and Certifications

A four-year graduate degree in biomedical or health care technologies with a specialization in the chosen medical field is a pre-requisite for a medical program manager. Other courses that provide further details on the chosen field of medicine are an added advantage for successful medical program managers. Certification courses providing people management, reporting, resource planning and utilization, and strategizing are preferred by some employers.

Medical Program Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Complete knowledge on chosen medical field
  • Resource planning and utilization to ensure maximum benefits
  • Delegation of work and ensuring timely and efficient completion of work
  • Ability to present reports to the board of directors
  • Interpersonal skills

Medical Program Manager Salary

The average salary of medical program managers is $43.74 per hour. The average salary of this position is reported as $90970 per year. The bottom ten percent earns $49750 annually while the top ten percent make $140300 per annum.