Medical Operations Manager Job and Profile

The primary responsibility of the medical operations manager is assuming the operational performance of one or more groups of physicians. Some of the responsibilities of the incumbent include managing the complete billing procedure, revenue cycle management, maintaining customer relationships, denial and reimbursement management, and payer contracting. In addition, the person handles hiring, orientation, training, and supervision of the employees. Ensuring licensing of the personnel are complaint with the regulatory requirements. Investigating any complaint or accident, and ensuring the necessary steps are taken to rectify the situation. The medical operations manager is for the smooth functioning of the medical facility’s daily operations.

Medical Operations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Daily operations of the facility
  • Recruitment, orientation, training, supervision, and termination of personnel
  • Scheduling of shifts and overseeing reimbursement of employees
  • Coordinates for the vehicles and equipments of the facility
  • Compliance with health care rules, regulations, and guidelines
  • Overseeing billing, receivables and payment schedules
  • Identify problems and overcome these
  • Public relations and marketing strategy for the facility

Medical Operations Manager Education, Training, and Qualification

The basic educational requirement for a medical operations manager is a bachelor’s degree or general education degree. However, some employers prefer recruiting individuals holding a master’s degree. Training in billing, reimbursement, and management of health care contracts is preferred. Technical qualification in working with computers and other office equipments is highly preferable. An individual who has acquired an additional qualification in business administration has an added advantage of being recruited as a medical operations manager.

Medical Operations Manager Degrees, Courses, and Certifications

A bachelor degree from a community college or a general education degree is necessary for this profile. Procuring a diploma or certification in business administration or health care administration is recommended to succeed as a medical operations manager. Technical courses providing knowledge of computers, mathematics, billing, payments, and other administrative abilities will provide a better opportunity to individuals wanting to become a successful medical operations manager.

Medical Operations Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to read and understand documents, such as safety rules, procedure manuals, and maintenance guidelines
  • Must be able to write reports and other correspondence documents
  • Capable of working with computer programs, such as Word, Excel, and others
  • Basic mathematical calculations
  • Ability to rationalize a situation and resolve any problem
  • Capability to rightly interpret oral, written, or graphical instructions

Medical Operations Manager Salary

The median salary payable to a medical operations manager in the United States in $101592 per annum.