Medical Secretary Job Profile and Description

From hospitals and nursing homes to medical clinics- Medical Secretaries are required in every type of medical centers. These people have the huge responsibility of greeting the clients and making them feel comfortable in the ambience of a medical center. Secretaries of medical organizations have similar jobs like the secretaries in other businesses and offices, but the scope of the job varies in accordance to the size of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greeting the clients/ patients, answering phone calls and scheduling appointments with the doctors.
  • Helping to perform insurance forms and giving adequate information on the coverage policies to the patients; by doing this they help the patients to decide which insurance plan would help them the most.
  • Performing the transcriptions for the physicians on the basis of the recordings that have been provided by them.
  • Doing the required computer work like updating the different records of the patients and carrying out the data entry job on regular basis.
  • Handling of the correspondence jobs for some of the top- level physicians who require these correspondences for different purposes.

Skills and Specifications

  • Thorough knowledge of medical terminology
  • Responsible
  • Good communication skills
  • Composed
  • Adequate knowledge of computers
  • Good organizational skills

Education and Qualifications

  • No formal degree in any particular subject is required for this job but a bachelor’s degree in any subject and minimum level of knowledge in medical science is imperative.
  • Five years experience in related field is an added advantage