Medical Transcriptionist Job Profile and Description

The Medical Transcriptionists have the duty of listening to the dictated notes of the medical professionals and then transcribing the documents for health care purposes. This makes them play an extremely vital role; hence their rising need in medical centers. This work of documenting would require them to keep into account the patient’s medical history, his diagnostic test reports etc. Once this is done the medical transcriptionist can create a permanent medical record for the patient.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding of medical terminology and jargon for carrying out the task of transcription with due perfection.
  • Dealing with different types of reports- operative, consultative, autopsy, medical, diagnostic and many other types of reports.
  • Translating the dictated recordings from the doctors and other medical professionals and these recordings can be anything from written reports to correspondence.
  • Carrying out many other clerical duties, which can be considered as the part and parcel of a medical transcriptionist’s job.
  • Making sure that the task of documenting of the medical terminology and treatment processes is done accurately and perfectly.
  • Documenting of different processes pertaining to the physician’s documents and reports thereby keeping them in a coordinated form.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good computer skills
  • Well versed in Medical language
  • Good writing skills
  • Organized
  • Responsible

Education and Qualifications

  • No particular degree is required for this job but a diploma in Medical Transcription is required.
  • Five to ten years experience in related field is an added advantage.