Pediatric Dietician Job Profile and Description

The Pediatric Dietician/Nutritionist specialize in the proper nutritional care of infants and young active pre-adolescent youth who require diets that have more developmental, muscle-building and immunity strengthening ingredients than are needed by adults.  The often work together with OB/Gyne n helping mothers to provide for the proper feeding needs of the newly born, including special cases of malnourished kids.

Pediatric Dietician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in studies and clinical trials identifying infant foods and formulas with respectable nutritional value
  • Meet and discuss with parents the special nutritional requirements of their newly born infants in coordination with their attending Ob/Gyne
  • Advise parents of newborn on the proper feeding program and recommended infant formulas in case where breastfeeding cannot be done.
  • Work with government welfare agencies to participate in high nutrition feeding programs in depressed rural areas of the country
  • Conduct lectures in for interested healthcare workers on the correct diet to meet the demanding nutritional needs of newborn infants.
  • Keep abreast with emerging food technologies in improving nutritional value of foods intended for infants.


Pediatric Dietitian Skills and Specification

  • Must have certification in Pediatric Nutrition from the American Dietetic Association
  • Must have genuine love for infants to care enough about their dietary and nutritional needs.
  • Must have excellent communication, social and interpersonal skills

Pediatric Dietician Education and Qualification

  • A BS degree in Dietetics, Nutrition or Food Service Management is basic
  • 6-10 years of experience in clinical dietetic work with the last 2-4 yeas dealing with the nutritional needs of newly born infants and children

Pediatric Dietician Job Salary

The annual salary of a Pediatric Dietitian/Nutritionist working in children’s hospitals, maternity clinics or child care centers is not far off from what regular dietician receive and could be lower or higher depending on size of the center, state and holder’s qualification.  Typically, the position earns an annual median of about $42,300 with the highest 10% at around $63,000 and the lowest 10% at around $31,200.