Pesticide Specialist Job Description and Profile

Under general supervision, the job of Pesticide Specialist entails storing, handling, mixing and applying pesticides and other similar chemicals in accordance with state, local and federal rules, regulations and laws. He works to eliminate the growth and proliferation of unwanted plants and vegetation to control the problem of rodents and insects in creeks, culverts, flood control channels, rivers and public roads. He likewise performs related tasks and duties required of him.

Duties and Specifications

  • Orders, handles and applies various pesticides according to state, local and federal laws and regulations.
  • Identifies and treats noxious weeds.
  • Controls populations on insect and rodent pest.
  • Drives trucks and other vehicles to bring pesticides and equipment to the location.
  • Utilizes manual and computerized tanker trailers and spray rigs.
  • Cleans, maintains, and performs repair work on spray tools and rigs as well as vehicles.
  • Schedules appropriate applications of pesticides and herbicides on open spaces, park areas, mitigation sites, right-of-way and flood control locations.
  • Monitors effectiveness of pest and rodent treatment.
  • Performs diagnostic maintenance of spray rigs.
  • Calibrates specific equipment to ensure concentration accuracy.
  • Buys supplies and materials whenever necessary.
  • Ensures adequate amount of pesticide supplies.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to identify weeds, rodents and insects to apply appropriate types and amounts of pesticides.
  • Be able to operate spray equipment.
  • Must know how to read and understand regulations on pesticide use.
  • Be able to follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Must maintain records to be able to prepare worksheets and forms on safety and applications on pesticides.
  • Be able to maintain effective and harmonious work relationships with other employees and the general public.

Education and Qualifications

  • One year of relevant experience in insect, horticultural pest, weed or rodent abatement or control.
  • Possesses valid Applicator’s Certificate for application of pesticides.
  • Possesses valid State Driver’s License (Class B).