A pharmaceutical field trainer is responsible for organizing, managing and motivating a pharmaceutical company’s sales force. Members of this sales force is also known as medical representatives. The field trainers interview, hire and direct other sales people, develop leads, makes schedules and assigns sales zones for the sales staff under him. They train the staff on a wide variety of sales pitches or techniques i.e. the points to be stressed when meeting a customer.

Most pharmaceutical field trainers do a lot of selling themselves. They are considered to be important personnel of the company because they make a direct contribution to the company’s profits. They have to ensure that their staff well comprehends the sales mission and have a tight grip on the company’s products and services.  Most pharmaceutical field trainers also demonstrate to their team, as well as potential customers, how the products are to be used.

Pharmaceutical Field Trainer Duties and Responsibilities

Some common duties of a pharmaceutical field trainer would involve the following:

  • Planning timetables and work schedules.
  • Building effective business relationships with healthcare customers and partners.
  • Developing strategies for approaching probable customers and increasing sales.
  • Distributing samples to licensed physicians and professionals.
  • Distributing new drug information to healthcare professionals.
  • Answering queries of healthcare professionals.
  • Organizing and executing sales presentations.
  • Taking sales orders from customers.

Pharmaceutical Field Trainer Skills and Specifications

Some of the core skills expected from a pharmaceutical field trainer are as follows:

  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to keep those in the team working as a team and ensuring that their morale remains high.
  • Strong communication skills for forging sales ideas. Such professionals must be energetic, driven, organized and target achievers.
  • Creative and personable while reaching out to the potential clients for sales pitches.
  • Basic mathematics and computer skills that would allow them to compute the total sales achieved within a particular time frame as well as keeping track of new accounts as also the status of those who are under his training.

Pharmaceutical Field Trainer Education and Qualification

Following are the education and qualifications required for being a pharmaceutical field trainer:

  • Bachelors’ degree in pharmacy or equivalent.
  • At least 3-4 years experience in pharmaceutical sales and experience to coach and lead a field sales team.

Pharmaceutical Field Trainer Salary

A pharmaceutical field trainer can draw a salary of about $28,250 per year.