Supervising Radiology Technologist Job Description and Profile

Under general direction, the job of the Supervising Radiology Technologist entails the planning and supervising of radiology technicians as well as clerical and technical staff and their work and overall performance. He likewise performs related tasks and duties required of him to do.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plans and creates schedules of the work duties of subordinates and staff ensuring the most efficient use of personnel as well as equipment.
  • Employs, evaluates and trains staff members.
  • Confers with doctors to determine if image quality produced by the technicians is sufficient and good quality.
  • Gives instructions to staff and personnel on a variety of radiologic procedures.
  • Prepares the yearly budget of the Radiology Service department and monitors such budget during the fiscal year.
  • Reviews records or reports of charges of patients and clients from the Radiology Department to check the structure of fees when compared with other providers of the service.
  • Orders and purchase necessary materials and supplies.
  • Instructs maintenance and cleaning of machine as well as equipment.
  • Conducts routine as well as special examinations of radiology.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to assign clients and patients for diagnostic treatments and therapy examinations.
  • Must be able to plan, organize and prioritize work or assignment of self and other staff.
  • Be able to establish effective and harmonious work relationships with clients, doctors and subordinates.
  • Must be able to apply supervisory practices and related procedures, regulations and laws.
  • Must know how to prepare, create and monitor the budget of the department.
  • Be able to explain technical data and information to staff and other employees.
  • Must learn to apply important practices and principles of contract administration.

Education and Qualifications

  • Must be registered as Certified State Radiologic Technologist.
  • Possesses at least 3 years of solid experience on diagnostic radiological procedures.