Medical Social Services Worker Job Description and Profile

Under general direction, the job of Medical Social Services Worker entails performing professional medical and social work in a health clinic or related setting. He likewise performs related tasks and duties when required. Medical social services worker provides various services focusing on the identification of psycho-social factors that prevent patients from getting optimum benefits from health and medical care.

Duties and Specifications

  • Conducts interviews with patients as well as family members in order to get relevant psycho-social information.
  • Identifies financial, environmental, emotional and social factors which greatly contribute to the condition or illness or work against the ability of the patient to benefit from medical and health care.
  • Creates and implements an efficient and sure social work treatment scheme for clients and their family members basing on analyses of the psycho-social factors as well as medical illness of the client.
  • Makes important referrals to other relevant community groups.
  • When necessary, arranges supportive services and performs home assessments that would determine any need for added equipment or service.
  • Provides helpful counseling to clients and their families in areas such as loss of function, family problems and coping with illness.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to interview individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds to obtain specific type of information.
  • Must be able to assess social and medical service needs.
  • Be able to determine placement suitability.
  • Able to learn and explain complex policies and regulations that govern processes in specific projects and programs.
  • Must fully understand and follow all directions.
  • Must know how to listen to various types of clients and be able to cope with life circumstances.
  • Must maintain confidentiality in personal information.
  • Be able to create written and statistical reports.
  • Able to organize work assignments.

Education and Qualifications

  • Possesses bachelor’s degree preferably in courses such as psychology, social work, psychology, education and child development or any other behavioral science, including at least two years of relevant experience in social work.
  • Possesses a valid State Driver’s License (Class C) is required.