Supply technician job description and profile

A supply technician handles the merchandize in a company. He places orders, receives consignments and sees to it that the company is not short of the required stock.  A supply technician also handles shipment and delivery work. He is employed in warehouses and stores. The work is tough and physically exhausting.

Supply technician job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a supply technician are:

  • Managing the offloading operations when a consignment of merchandize arrives to the work premises
  • Prepares bills and invoices related to the purchase and handles financial transactions
  • Check the quality of the received goods for damages
  • Make arrangements to store the merchandize securely
  • Make arrangement for transport of goods for delivery to the customer
  • Monitor loading of goods
  • Decide on the type of transportation required based on the merchandize
  • Monitors and confirms the volume of shipment
  • Categorize the goods while storing them to help easy retrieval
  • Document all the happenings in the business and present it to the management at regular intervals

Supply technician job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a supply technician are:

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Ability to work rigorously and for long hours
  • Ability to work and keep a cool head under high stress
  • Good leadership qualities
  • Good mathematical skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • A thorough knowledge about the working principles of the warehouse

Supply technician job education and qualification

Education and qualification of a supply technician are:

  • A high school graduation with experience of working in warehouses
  • A college degree helps in faster promotions

Supply technician job salary

The salary of a supply technician ranges between $29,000 and $35,000 per annum.