Supreme Court Justices Job Profile and Description

The apex court of every country is known as the Supreme Court. Only highly important and big cases come to this court for the justice. Only very highly qualified and reputed judges’ get chance to work in the Supreme Court as the government of the country also has to obey the order of the Supreme Court. You can not maintain a social life as your wish, if you work as a job of judge in the Supreme Court. There will be many restrictions.

Supreme Court Justices Duties and Responsibilities

  • The judges of the Supreme Court need to be highly responsible persons as the have to take very important decisions.
  • The prime responsibility of a Supreme Court judge is to give correct and unbiased decisions.

Supreme Court Justices Skills and Specifications

  • Every Supreme Court judge should possess huge knowledge of law and order.
  • He or she has to be very calm and composed, so that he or she could give justice to the people.
  • He or she should possess skills for unbiased decisions.
  • If you will work as a judge in the Supreme Court, then your social life has to be curtailed.

Supreme Court Justices Education and Qualification

  • You should possess a bachelor’s degree in law, to get recruited as a judge of the apex court.
  • If you have a master’s degree, then that will be better.
  • You have to qualify in a tough competitive examination, in order to get a position in the apex court as a judge.

Supreme Court Justices Job Salary

  • The salary is not at all a constraint for the judges of the apex court.
  • The salary of the judges of the apex court comes in the range of $4000-$8000 per month.