Technical Writer is required to prepare content on the use of various technical equipments. He needs to write for websites providing online assistance on installing, uninstalling, upgrading different applications and systems. Technical writers are also employed for writing for magazines, newspapers, etc.

There are a number of other tasks that a technical writer is required to handle during the course of writing; these include conducting research for writing the material, coordinating with technical professionals to gather technical information, speaking to the client to know his requirement, etc. It is essential to have good writing skills as well as sound technical knowledge in order to become a technical writer. Undergoing a relevant writing course helps in handling the position more efficiently.

Technical Writer Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities assigned to a Technical Writer. Few of these are as follows:

  • Technical Writer is required to write technical documents.
  • Technical Writer needs to write content on the use of different technical equipments, computer systems, operating systems, software applications, etc.
  • Technical Writer is required to review the already written technical documents and make changes in them if required.
  • Technical Writer needs to stay updated with the information related to technical advancements.
  • Technical Writer needs to make changes in the existing technical documents to update these as per the latest technical information.
  • Technical Writer needs to conduct extensive research before writing the content.
  • Technical Writer may be required to speak to the technical team in order to understand various technical aspects before writing about certain technical subjects.
  • Technical Writer is required to get in touch with the clients in order to understand the kind of content they require.
  • Technical Writer needs to adhere to the deadlines given by the clients and ensure good quality content.

Technical Writer Skills and Specifications

Technical Writer requires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Technical Writer should have excellent writing skills.
  • Technical Writer must be efficient in reviewing and editing technical documents.
  • Technical Writer should have good time management skills.

Technical Writer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Technical Writer are as follows:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Degree in English/ Journalism
  • Should have knowledge about various web based applications.

Technical Salary

The average annual alary of a Technical Writer is $ 80,000. The salary of a technical writer may also vary depending upon his employer and the city he is based in. The work experience and qualification of a candidate also impacts his salary.