Veterinary Technician Job Profile and Description

A veterinary technician is an individual who is responsible for carrying out clinical work under the direction of a licensed veterinarian. They have to perform numerous medical tests and diagnose the medical conditions of animals in order to detect the disease. They may have to perform tests in laboratory for blood count and urine analysis. It is the duty of a veterinary technician to take blood samples and prepare tissue samples. They need to be aware about all the medical equipments used in the veterinary clinic. They have to check whether the medical equipments are in proper working conditions and prepare them for the treatment conducted by the veterinarian. They must have knowledge about usage of diagnostics equipments and tests tubes. They assist the veterinarian in the treatment process of an animal.

Veterinary Technician Duties and Responsibilities

There are numerous duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a veterinary technician. They are as follows:

  • Assisting the veterinarian in performing health care duties on animals
  • Administering the injection to be given to an animal
  • Applying dressings on wound and handing over surgery equipments and materials to the veterinarian during the surgical procedure
  • Performing laboratory tests like blood count and urine analysis
  • May have to assist veterinarians in inseminating animals
  • Have to prepare an animal before treatment
  • Ensuring that the equipments are in proper working order
  • Assisting in preparing prescriptions and dispensing medication refills
  • Sometimes discussing the condition of a pet with its owner
  • Providing training to new personnel recruited in the clinic
  • Holding and restraining animals during examination process
  • Taking signals of the animals under supervision of the veterinarian

Veterinary Technician Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required in order to work as a veterinary technician are as follows:

  • Must be patient in nature
  • Needs to be caring in animals
  • Must possess the ability to handle animals
  • ¬†Should always be alert
  • Necessary to have good communication skills
  • Must have excellent coordination skills
  • Needs to have willingness to learn

Veterinary Technician Education and Qualification

The educational requirement and qualification required to work a veterinary technician are:

  • Must undergo a 2 or a 4 year degree in veterinary technology
  • License to practice

Veterinary Technician Salary

The average annual salary of a veterinary technician is $30000.