There are various advantages if one is choosing the engineering career. These are as follows:

  1. Variety of opportunities: In this field one can choose from computer to electrical engineering and each field offers its own range of career options to choose from. It is one of the safest and rewarding careers.
  2. Satisfactory Jobs: The employment scenario is pretty good considering the pay is quite high and the hours put in are the same and standard just like corporate or IT jobs.
  3. Intellectually stimulating: This career offers a lot of scope to exercise the mind and use them for various challenges and hurdles that come in the way. These skills also help gain your footing within the field.
  4. Challenging tasks: one will never be bored when one is an engineer. There is always going to some issue or problem that the engineer will need to sort out.
  5. Beneficial to society: There are various tasks like medical technology development, cleaning the environment, finding ways to conserve energy that the engineer does.
  6. Dignity and prestige: This is one of the most sought after careers due to the objectives such as helping society, fighting disease and protecting the safety of the public. It makes one truly respectable.
  7. Finance security: This job pays around $67,000 per annum but this varies according to the field selected.
  8. Professional atmosphere: The work ethics and the ability to select different kinds of job make this a popular career option.
  9. Scope for scientific and technological discovery: There are various kinds of funding which allows engineers to pursue their research.
  10. Creative display: The engineer is able to showcase his creative potential through the use of different resources and explore, discover and invent through new ideas.