There are all kinds of preparation that people embark on before they start their jobs. Some of them include:

  1. Know Your Interest: The first thing to know before embarking on a job or a career is to know whether you are suited to it and it to you. A mutual interaction of both bodes well for a person’s career.
  2. Job Details: Before starting a new job, one must try and gather information about the career. It is not always possible to know the nitty-gritty of a job or career but a certain amount of research and preparation will help.
  3. Will To Work: A new job or career is not likely to be smooth and easy at the first go. It has to be accustomed to, and this can be quite challenging. Hence tenacity and the will to adjust and learn are important.
  4. Prospects: It is good to have an idea of where your career will be headed. Setting goals for yourself and having a fair idea of what is needed to fulfill them is crucial.
  5. Salary And Perks: This is obviously one of the most important determinants driving people to work in the first place. Hence one should be clear about the financial remuneration of the job or career one chooses.
  6. Duties: It is important also to have an idea of the kind of duties or responsibilities a work involves.
  7. Potential Pitfalls: You must also have an idea about the challenges the job or career will impose on you, like transfers, frequent assignments, travel and so on.
  8. Job Satisfaction: This is more important than it is given credit for. Financial remuneration is not the only thing a job gives. Satisfaction and pleasure are equally important.
  9. Temperament: One must know about oneself before embarking on a career. Temperament, will to work, changes in mood must be probed deeply as these may become a hindrance later.
  10. Expectations: One must know one’s expectations from the job or career before one commences it.