VP – Information Systems Job Profile and Description

Reporting to the CIO, the head of the IT or MIS department in a large company is the VP-Information Systems. The position concentrates on managing the technical and functional implementation of Information Technologies and requires leadership savvy to orchestrate and put in sync the various network and computing resources as well as its people to achieve the corporate business objective. The position assists the CIO in heading the IT steering committee which, along with other executive department heads, approve IT projects and activities within or outside budgets.  In may medium sized companies the VP-IT is also equivalent to the CIO position.

VP – Information Systems Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct weekly and monthly systems performance monitoring meetings and reviews to update senior management with status of IT projects, systems and network availability and technical and user and functional concerns.
  • Oversee a team of systems and database administration directors, system and applications development directors and user support units of hardware and support to ensure they perform their duties and responsibilities.
  • Implement the approved IT performance standards and corporate policies and directives.
  • Marshall the IT resources and people to support the companies departmental, regional and corporate computing and networking requirements with various levels of interfaces as required.

VP – Information Systems Skills and Specifications

  • Must have leadership and managerial competence to oversee optimum deployment and production of computing and networking resources
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills

VP – Information Systems Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in business management, engineering or computer science is basic while a masters degree or MBA is preferred
  • At least 16-20 years of experience in the MIS or IT department with the last 5 years in a senior management or executive position.
  • Can work long hours irrespective of normal office hours

VP – Information Systems Salary

The annual average salary of a VP for Information Systems varies according to industry, size of business, state and holder’s qualification.  In general, the position can earn in excess of $220,000 for large companies with extensive IT infrastructures such as airlines, banks and telecoms.