The financial analyst is one who deals with budget and financial operations within the company. There are various departments that he or she has to look into. There are financial statements, accounts, check records and overall financial performance of the company that has to be looked into. It is necessary to know the career path of the financial analyst:

  • Investment Analyst: This is an analyst who analyzes the investments such as bonds, stocks and other options and assets for the employer. It is important that he is able to understand the position he occupies.  This deals with money management and private investments.
  • Company Analyst: This is a career path which leads to promotion to senior analyst. Here one needs to understand the finance or treasury of an organization. He or she can also become the CFO or chief finance officer.
  • Investment Analyst: This is all about selling the investments for commission. There is analysis of various assets that deal with real estate.
  • Salary and Potential: There is also scope to create one’s own portfolio for money management and build an independent business. The salary of a typical CFA is around $72,765

The financial analyst must recognize the opportunities that suit the corporation. This sort of assessment is not an easy task. A certain amount of passion and instinct is required. The corporate world is highly demanding and hence the analyst must be prepared for the various demands made. In fact, the initiative must be taken by the analyst, himself. It is this drive that sets a good analyst apart from the rest. The career is dependent on the how well he or she is able to make proper financial strategies in different situations faced by the corporation or clients consulting.