Associate Director Job Profile and Description

The associate director organizes plans and directs the daily activities of a department in an organization. The associate director reports to an executive manager of the department. Their work varies as per the needs of the industry that includes human resources and education.

He is in charge of implementing strategic plans and applied research for completing the daily operations.

Associate Director Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the common duties and responsibilities that an associate director has to perform include the following:


  • Building, maintaining and encouraging a productive working relationship with all staff members.
  • Stimulating employees for achieving the desired results via positive methods and attitudes.
  • Ensuring that the morale of all the department personnel is positive and providing a viable organization so as to meet the commitments.
  • Providing leadership that would encourage employee productivity and also the responsiveness.
  • Participating in developing and execution of both long term and short term recruitment strategy and ensuring the company’s growth and profitability.
  • Carrying out supervisory responsibilities that include planning, assigning and directing the work of subordinates, appraising the performances, rewarding the best employees and addressing complaints and also resolving the problems.
  • Under the leadership of the director, ensuring quality hires and managing compensation and performance management program for staying with the budgets.

Associate Director Skills and Specifications

Some of the core typical skills and specifications that an associate director must have include the following:

  • Great verbal and written communication and skills.
  • Knowledge about various business processes and daily office procedures.
  • Great team player and the ability to shoulder responsibilities.
  • Knowledge about the preparation of various reports.
  • Superb coordination skills i.e. adjusting actions as per others’ actions.
  • Active listening that involves paying full attention to the opinions of others.
  • Superb interpersonal skills to push a proposal through.
  • Proficiency in computer applications especially MS Office.

Associate Director Education and Qualification

Common educational qualifications required from an associate director are as follows:

  • A bachelors’ degree in commerce with accounts or finance as major.
  • An MBA degree in a related field would be of advantage.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in a similar position and four years’ experience in human resource management.

Associate Director Salary

An associate director is usually paid an average annual salary of $94,700. Sometimes such personnel are promoted to be a director upon completion of a stipulated number of years.