Internal Audit Director Job Profile and Description

The internal audit director is responsible for monitoring and organizing the internal audits as per the annual audit plan of the organization and often manages an auditors’ team.

The director will monitor the review process and then make necessary recommendations for any change in policy, implementation of new systems and also change the audit roles and audit team structures. In most cases the internal audit director will work directly with the director of finance and other company directors.

Internal Audit Director Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the common duties and responsibilities that an associate director has to perform include the following:


  • Driving and directing the success of several engagements.
  • Developing, attracting and retaining the top talents.
  • Keeping the communication channels with clients and staff open.
  • Ability to manage with the time and budgetary constraints and at the same time providing a high degree of client satisfaction.
  • Addressing and anticipating escalating problems and client concerns whenever they crop up.
  • Initiating the “cross selling” business to various other practices.
  • Promoting business solutions and fresh ideas that lead to extended services for the existing clients.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest developments and vis-à-vis the company’s policies and standards.

Internal Audit Director Skills and Specifications

Some of the core typical skills and specifications that an associate director must have include the following:

  • Impressive communication and management skills.
  • Great verbal and written communication and skills.
  • Superb coordination skills i.e. adjusting actions as per others’ actions.
  • Active listening that involves paying full attention to the opinions of others.
  • Superb interpersonal skills to push a proposal through.
  • The candidate must be able to work under pressure.

Internal Audit Director Education and Qualification

Common educational qualifications required from an associate director are as follows:

  • An MBA in finance or any other equivalent degree is needed for the post.
  • Experience of working in a big accounting firm or corporate entity.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in working in a large public accounting environment.
  • At least four years’ experience of working in a managerial role.

Internal Audit Director Salary

An internal audit director can command an annual average salary of $89,470 as per figures released by the US labor statistic bureau. Sometimes such personnel are promoted to be a director upon completion of a stipulated number of years in service.