Editorial Art Director Job Profile and Description

Editorial art directors are mostly responsible for what an advertisement would look like. They’re involved in creating campaigns that have a positive and instant impact on the customer so as to promote the brand that’s being advertised.

Editorial art directors are also employed in various industries like the print and electronic media, publishing etc.; they work from the brief with the copywriter and generate ideas for presenting to the client. An editorial art director also commissions specialists like photographers and artists for working on a project.

Editorial Art Director Duties and Responsibilities

Following are some of the typical duties and responsibilities that an editorial art director is likely to pursue:


  • Formulating the basic design layout or the presentation approach and also specify the details for materials. This includes size and type, graphics, photographs, video, sound, animation and other similar factors.
  • Reviewing and approving the proofs of printed copy and art copy materials developed by the team members.
  • Managing own projects and accounts and working within the budget and also scheduling requirement.
  • Conferring with the art, copywriting, creative and the production department heads for discussing the requirements of the clients and the presentation concepts and also coordinating the creative activities.
  • Presenting the final design layout before the clients for approval.
  • Conferring with the client for determining the budget, objectives, background information and the presentation approach for techniques and styles.

Editorial Art Director Skills and Specifications

Skills and specifications that an editorial art director must possess include the following:

  • Be highly creative and have an in-depth understanding of typography, photography and the printing techniques.
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Work as a part of a team and with a range of professionals.
  • Excellent knowledge of computers, especially designing software.
  • Highly motivated, well organized and the ability to deliver under pressure.
  • Eye for detailing and ability to work within a fixed budget.

Editorial Art Director Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications that an editorial art director is required to have are as follows:

  • Graduation from an accredited university or college, with a degree in arts or graphic designing or any related area.
  • At least 10 years’ of work experience in a similar field.

Editorial Art Director Salary

An editorial art director can expect to draw a salary of about $87,900, as per figures released by the US labor bureau.