Automotive Glass Technician Job Profile and Description

Also known as an automotive glass installer or repairer, the Automotive Glass Technician is trained to install, repair or replace cracked or broken windshields and window glasses in automobiles.  Some are known to specialize in certain automotive marques, especially when employed in authorized service centers of upscale brands.  Most work in general automotive repair shops.

Automotive Glass Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Examine windshield condition to determine if a simple repair or a replacement is in order and prepare material and cost estimates.
  • Order or withdraw from shop inventory the appropriate windshields or windows for specific automobile brands and models and examine them for defects before installing.
  • Obtain the necessary windshield repair kit fro touching up cracked areas if replacement is necessary.
  • Remove all shattered glass debris and foreign matter from windshield frame edges prior to installing of new glass
  • Apply primer along windshield or window edges, allowing it to dry.
  • Install correct replacement glass in vehicles
  • Allow glass parts installed with urethane enough time to cure, under correct humidity and temperature.
  • Prime all cracks and scratches on pinchwelds allowing it to dry.
  • Reinstall all moldings, windshield wipers and any other parts removed prior to glass replacement or repair.

Automotive Glass Technician Summary of Qualification

  • Must have above average comprehension skills to follow medium complexity instructions in automotive glass repair and replacement techniques.
  • Must have above average communication and interpersonal skills.

Automotive Glass Technician Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is basic as the skill is learned with on-the-job training.
  • An associate in Industrial Technology or automotive technology is an advantage.

Automotive Glass Technician Salary

The median hourly wages for Automotive Glass Technicians employed in car repair shops are in 2009 stood at  $15.91 per hour or $33,090 annually.