Business Office Manager Job Profile and Description

A Business Office Manager is responsible for assigning and regulating clerical and secretarial functions.  He distributes tasks among the staff. The professional also take care of the salary issues of the employees. He evaluates and manages the performance of employees and plays a crucial role in their promotion. An office manager devises training program and makes arrangements of such sessions as well.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Placing advertisements, conducting interviews of potential future employees.
  • Checking the supply cabinet to ensure that items are always in stock.
  • Accounting and tariff computation and hiring and firing of the employees.
  • Handling general building structure and bills related to electricity, water and gas commodities.
  • Listening to complains raised by the staff members or third parties who have concerns with the business.
  • Ordering supplies for the company and ensuring their proper fulfillment.
  • Administering clerical duties on daily basis such as attending phone calls, typing and filling up documents and handling the daily occurrence inferred by the business.

Skills and Specifications

  • Follow established communication guidelines.
  • Good problem cracking skills.
  • Capable to deal with inside and outside office issues.
  • Equipped with multitasking traits.
  • Lead position and should be able to resolve all problems.
  • Must have headship and management qualities.
  • Sound knowledge of computers and record keeping.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Office administration or some other related disciples.
  • 2-3years of experience in business office management related activities.