Party Planner Job Profile and Description

A party planner is an individual who organizes and manages various parties – professional and formal as well as the informal ones. The basic job of a party planner is to identify the cause of hosting the party and then determine various aspects of the party and synchronize them according to needs and demands. The party has a certain mood and the ambiance has to be set accordingly; hence the planner has to decide on the various factors of a party.

The job profile of the planner comprises of responsibilities that include setting the right environment, appropriate accessories, food and beverages, lodging facilities, and other important matters that are to be taken care of for proper management of the party and hospitality of guests. Parties may be business party, personal party – in celebration of birthdays, wedding, anniversary, or some success party; and the party planner has to efficiently arrange for the particular type of party.

Party Planner Duties and Responsibilities

A party planner generally has to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The party planner has to concentrate exclusively on the project assigned and its various aspects, thereby determining the requirements and arranging for the same.
  • A party planner has to keep records of all individuals associated with the cause and invite guests accordingly. Also, he must maintain a final record of guests invited for the party and communicate with them whenever required.
  • The content of the party and the process of execution is to be determined by the party planner.
  • All the materials and events that are to be included in the party must be primarily decided by the party planner and proper initiatives for arranging and presenting them in an orderly fashion must be done within stipulated time span.
  • The financial aspects of the party must also be handled by the planner primarily, with responsibilities being divided among others if need be.
  • Most parties have celebrity performances as special events of attraction; the party planner is responsible for such issues as well, right from the start to the end of the party – that is, from approaching the star to the span of his/her performance and before dropping the person at his/her residence.

Party Planner Skills and Specifications

The following skills and specifications help a party planner succeed:

  • Communicative, verbal as well as written, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to identify prime areas of interest and organize events
  • Sincerity, dedication towards work, and honesty
  • Overall knowledge in daily matters and current issues

Party Planner Education and Qualification

A party planner does not really have to possess any formal education or degrees, but a basic knowledge of his subject and certificates in the concerned field help in being successful in the respective field of work. An approach towards art and skills in organization and management are necessary to help earn a job as party planner.

Party Planner Salary

A party planner generally earns an average annual salary of $46,000.