Pediatric Oncology Profile and Description

A pediatric oncologist is a pediatrician who has gained specialization in treating adolescents, infants and children.  A pediatric oncologist generally attends to those medical conditions which are related to cancer or other blood disorders. To become a pediatric oncologist, a three year residency training in pediatrics is required after completing bachelor’s program from a medical college.

Pediatric Oncology Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main duties and responsibilities of a person who is a pediatric oncologist:

  • A pediatric oncologist examines the patients and suggests proper diagnostic and blood tests.
  • He/she studies and analysis the diagnostic test reports and suggests proper medication.
  • A pediatric oncologist is also responsible for updating himself with the latest technology of treatment and may also need to attend conferences and meetings etc in different parts of the world.
  • To maintain patient records is also another duty of a pediatric oncologist.

Pediatric Oncology Skills and Specifications

There are many soft skills which are required by a person who wants to be a pediatric oncologist. The following is a list of a few:

  •  A pediatric oncologist must be caring and loving towards infants and children.
  • He/she must be responsive and should possess problem solving abilities.
  • A pediatric oncologist must possess exceptional interpersonal skills and should be have in-depth knowledge of this profession.
  • He/she should be observant, dedicated and hardworking.

Pediatric Oncology Education and Qualifications

The following educational qualifications are required by a pediatric oncologist:

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) is necessary.
  • Voluntary certification is also required.
  • Must pass US Medical Licensing Examination.
  • Residency program of 3 years is also a must.

Pediatric Oncology Salary

The average salary earned by a pediatric oncologist in a year is $340000 but this amount can vary depending upon type of placement or independent clinic popularity.