Waiter Job Profile and Description

A waiter is a person who is responsible for taking food and beverage orders from the customers and delivering the order to the customers. They are also responsible for presenting menus to the guests, answering their questions about menu items, or making recommendations.

Waiter Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities of a waiter which are mentioned below:

  • Preparing tables for meals
  • Greeting guests
  • Escorting guests to their tables
  • Taking orders from guests, attending them, answering their questions regarding price, quantity and availability of menu items
  • Delivering of orders to the patrons
  • Providing guests with clean dishes, silverware and glassware
  • Serving the guests with food and drinks efficiently
  • Removing dishes and utensils
  • Cleaning the tables and chairs
  • Producing the bill and dealing with bill payments

Waiter Skills and Specifications

The skills that are required of a waiter are mentioned below:

  • The candidate should have good interpersonal and communication skills
  • A waiter should have the ability to follow and interpret oral instructions
  • Good organizational and management skills
  • The candidate should have sense of responsibility
  • Should be sincere and attentive
  • A waiter should be patient.
  • Should be friendly and polite
  • A waiter must have a pleasing personality.
  • The candidate must have the ability to work for long hours.

Waiter Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a waiter are as follows:

  • At least two to three years of prior experience in this field in a similar position.
  • A certificate or diploma in hospitality will be considered as an advantage

Waiter Salary

A waiter can expect to get an annual salary of $ 15,000 depending on the region and standard of hotel or restaurant he has previously worked in.