Wedding Planner Job Profile and Description

A wedding planner, quite understandably, performs the task of planning weddings of various individuals, among same or varied community, caste, or religion, with due respect to the institution of marriage and its social aspects of celebration. Wedding is a huge thing and integral to all our lives – it is truly the decision of a lifetime as it involves the association of not just two individuals but also of their families, their principles, thoughts, upbringing, culture, education, and emotions; hence it requires hours of planning and concentration into each and every minute detail.

Since our busy lives and hectic schedule do not allow so much of time for planning, we have professional wedding planner for the job. The task of a wedding planner would be to properly execute each of the aforesaid responsibilities and look into the entire event right from the inception of the thought to its planning and actual execution and even after that until the event reaches the final stage of celebration.

Wedding Planner Duties and Responsibilities

A wedding planner, in general, has to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • He must plan the wedding in a manner such that the priorities of both the parties to be wedded are considered under the same light and details taken care of perfectly.
  • The wedding planner is responsible for designing the events in such a way that only the best will be shown, irrespective of differences or thoughts, culture, or status. The wedding must be planned such that it shows the most divine form of union – in the true sense of the term.
  • The wedding must be planned in a quality fashion, yet must be taken care of economically; that is, the wedding planner must not just take care of the arrangements but should also consider the financial aspects and put a check on them as much as possible.
  • The guests to be invited must be decided by the planner way ahead of time and cross-checked twice or thrice, making sure that no one is left out or invited in some hurried manner.
  • The responsibilities of the wedding planner do not end with planning the course of wedding; they need to be there at the time of execution as well and look into every detail on the particular day as well.
  • Wedding planners are often required to plan for the post-marriage tour and book vehicles as well as living facilities for the couple.

Wedding Planner Skills and Specifications

A wedding planner must possess the following skills to be successful at his job:

  • Extraordinary communication skills, and ability to relate with an individual as per his mood
  • A wedding planner must be able to walk past strict professional values and connect at the personal level by understanding the value of wedding
  • Organization, planning, and management skills
  • Leadership abilities; patience and calmness while dealing with problems
  • Knowledge of current trends and good taste of music, food, colors, etc.

Wedding Planner Education and Qualifications

The education and qualification requirements of a wedding planner include:

  • High School diploma
  • Training course in any event planning or management under registered US body and required certification or licensure

Wedding Planner Salary

The average salary of wedding planner is in the range of $2,500 – $5,000 per project.