Occupational Therapy Profile and Description

An occupational therapist is an individual who is responsible for helping other people to improve their ability to do tasks which are associated with daily living and normal environments. They are required to work with people with disabilities such as mental disabilities, physical disorders, emotional disabilities etc. These individuals also design and construct special equipments which are needed by these disabled people to perform their tasks in an improved manner.

Occupational Therapy Duties and Responsibilities

An occupational therapist has to perform the following major duties and responsibilities:

  • He/she assists clients to perform a range of activities such as operating a computer system, doing daily tasks like dressing up, eating, cooking etc.
  • They help their clients to develop and maintain the working and daily living skills by improving their reasoning abilities, compensating for permanent loss of certain functions etc.
  • An occupational therapist may be required to improve the visual acquity of patients and helping in polishing coordination.

Occupational Therapy Skills and Specifications

The following are few of the skills and specifications required by an occupational therapist:

  • An occupational therapist must be extremely patient and sensitive to the emotions and actions of the clients.
  • He/she must have exceptional communication skills and leadership qualities.
  • He/she should be very positive, motivational and encouraging.
  • He/she must be analytical and observant in nature.
  • Time management is another skill needed to be an occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy Education and Qualifications

The following educational qualifications are needed by an occupational therapist:

  • He/she must have passed secondary school education with English, science and maths.
  • NCEA level 3 is also required to get into further training.
  • Degree in occupational therapy at graduation level.

Occupational Therapy Salary

The average median salary of an occupational therapist is $85000.