CIO Job Profile and Description:

A large number of companies today use information technology (IT) services for helping their businesses grow and post profits. The chief information officer (CIO) position is usually given to a senior executive in a company and he is responsible for the IT division that supports enterprise goals. He reports to the chief executive officer, chief operation officer and sometimes to the chief financial officer.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The CIO is responsible for supervising, managing, and coordinating different aspects of the IT department
  • He has to develop, execute, and manage different computing and IT strategies of the company
  • He has to analyse, suggest and implement IT policies for employees and the company
  • He also has to contribute to data security
  • He is in charge of overseeing the operations and supervising the members of the IT department and monitor if they are working as per the requirements
  • He must make sure that the best IT tools, software, hardware and other devices are being used for the good performance of the company
  • He must collaborate with the network administrator and ensure the smooth functioning of the IT system
  • He must review and test IT solutions which would be profitable to the company
  • He must keep a data backup and ensure there are disaster recovery procedures in case of any emergencies
  • He has make sure that all the IT strategies are developed keeping the company budget in mind

Skills and Specifications

  • A CIO must have good leadership skills and communication skills
  • He must have good management skills and interpersonal skills
  • He should keep up to date with the all the current and potential concepts of the IT sector

Education and Qualifications

One needs to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering. After that, an MBA will also be helpful.