Program Manager Job Profile and Description:

In today’s age when information technology has penetrated the corporate world, the program manager has a very important role to play. A program manager is involved in the different stages of the success of a project, that is, he takes care of the planning, scheduling, implementation and tracking process.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A program manager is responsible for running complex programs and projects
  • He in charge of the designing and developing the project till the production
  • He has to make different risk management strategies
  • He must plan and set project goals and milestones
  • He must clearly define requirements and make targets accordingly
  • He has to define resources and the schedule for the implementation of the program
  • He should detect and solve project issues effectively
  • He must supervise the project engineering team and managing conflicts within the different department
  • He has to frequently perform team assessment and evaluate them
  • He should be capable of designing and maintaining project and technical documentation
  • He must recognize areas for internal improvement and developing plans for implementing them
  • He must make sure all the measures comply with company standards and procedures

Skills and Specifications

  • The program manager must have good understanding of the project management process
  • He must have good communication skills and should be able to motivate his team
  • He should be good with numbers and must have analytical skills
  • He must display good leadership skills
  • He should also have good organization, presentation and customer service skills.

Education and Qualifications

To be a program manager one must have at least 4 to 5 years of experience. One can go for B.Tech/B.E. degree or an engineering diploma in production/industrial or any other specialization. An MBA is also useful for managerial positions.