Confidential Payroll Manager Job Profile and Description

Every company has executives and personnel of the management who fall under the confidential payroll category. Their pays are subject to utmost confidentiality. The confidential payroll manager of a company takes care of all confidential payrolls. He audits, organizes and keeps all the documents and statements regarding such dealings. The job involves maintaining high confidentiality about the work.

Confidential Payroll Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a confidential payroll manager are:

  • Organizing all the information and payroll details of existing executives
  • Updating the confidential payroll records whenever there is a new executive in the management
  • Prepare checks for the executives and ensure that their signatures are duly affixed
  • Maintain records of taxes, benefits and IRS schemes, if any, for the confidential group
  • Ensure that the data in the records are accurate and regularly updated
  • Report to the headquarters directly and present the financial details regarding confidential payrolls
  • Maintaining high confidentiality regarding work

Confidential Payroll Manager Skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required by a confidential payroll manager are:

  • Thorough knowledge about financial dealings, accounting and bookkeeping
  • Ability to keep lips locked and keep up the trust bestowed on him
  • Ability to understand the company policies regarding confidential payrolls and update knowledge
  • Ability to keep abreast of the change in laws and regulations of the state regarding employee payrolls
  • High precision and accuracy in work
  • Strong basic computer knowledge with regard to preparing spreadsheets and word processing, in addition to accounting software
  • Good communication skills

Confidential Payroll Manager education and Qualification

The education and qualification required by a confidential payroll manager are:

  • A bachelors or masters degree in accounting
  • Experience in accounting is essential

Confidential Payroll Managers Salary

The median salary of a confidential payroll manager is $52,000 per annum.