Corporate Legal Job Profile and Description

A corporate legal job is to advise a business or company or the corporate officers regarding the legal issues, rights and duties. This job demands strong knowledge in licensing bankruptcy, zoning laws, tax laws, accounting, contact laws and securities laws. Every company has its corporate lawyer in order to deal with any corporate legal matters and advise the company in this regard. Therefore the need for a corporate lawyer arises whenever a new business or company is being set up.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Corporate legal jobs have the responsibility of researching on the zoning law at a specific area where a particular business has planned to set up its new office.
  • This job must ensure that the legal issues are being handled properly.
  • It has the responsibility of controlling the financial aspect of the company as well.
  • If a tax related problem arise in the company, corporate lawyer consult with finance professional in order to handle and legalities tax issues.
  • The duty of corporate legal is to ensure that the legal documentation of a particular company or business is being maintained properly.
  • A corporate lawyer is being hired by some of the business or companies in order to respond to its lawsuit.
  • The job also ensures proof reading of the documents, faxing and scheduling of meeting with company’s clients.

Skills and Specifications

  • A corporate legal job requires strong knowledge in law courses.
  • In order to exchange terms with clients, it also demands an excellent speaking and writing skill.
  • A candidate must be updated with all the new legal issues and challenges that the company is facing.

Education and Qualifications

A corporate legal designation requires a bachelor’s and masters degree in law. Any additional diploma or course in management or finance will prove to be an added advantage.