Criminology Job Profile and Description

Criminology is a study of criminals, crimes and social behaviors. This is a job for those who are keen in solving behavior problems and why and how people get deviate from their normal norms of behavior. They help to catch hold of those people who bend or break the social laws. A criminologist is a person who is responsible for performing these tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A criminologist is responsible to study the behavioral change in a person and their reason of doing the crime.
  • They help the police department to catch hold of a criminal by developing the profiles of the criminals and the specific types of crimes and criminals by analyzing the crime statistics.
  • He questions the suspects in order to clarify the crime evidences which the police have received against the suspects.
  • He is also responsible for creating a profile about a potential suspect by attending a crime scene or through an autopsy or the information’s received on the victim’s death.
  • He is also responsible for hand writing analysis and fingerprinting of the criminals.

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have a strong interest in problem solving and to prevent crimes through scientific means.
  • Must posses a strong interactive skill and ability to understand criminals behavior.
  • Must have strong skill in analyzing the crime from the evidences.
  • He must be a quick and sharp observer.
  • He should have an analytical bend of mind.

Education and Qualifications

Criminologist must have a master’s or doctorate degrees in forensic science or criminal justice along with minors in sociology or psychology. They might posses a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in any science subjects such as biology, chemistry, criminalistics, forensic science or criminal justice. They must be specialized in analyzing the DNA fingerprinting, DNA sequencing and hand writing analyzing.