Desktop support technician job description and profile

The job of a desktop support technician is to provide technical support to the staff of a company with regard to their desktops. A desktop support technician has to install, test and repair computer hardware and peripheral and software.

Desktop support technician job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a desktop support technician are:

  • Providing all kind of technical support related to desktops for the staff in a company
  • Installing new hardware components in the desktop
  • Installing operating systems and software in the desktop
  • Setting up network connections in the company and ensuring that all the desktops are connected to the main servers
  • Evaluating the needs of the company regarding purchase of new computer equipment
  • Suggesting and assisting management to buy new hardware and software
  • Testing software and hardware compatibility
  • Answering phone calls of customers and clarifying their desktop  related doubts

Desktop support technician job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for the job of a desktop support technician are:

  • Good knowledge about the hardware and software applications in desktops
  • Good knowledge about customer service ethics and procedures
  • Good communication skills in order to converse with customers who are not knowledgeable about desktop technicalities
  • Ability to grasp the root of the problem of the customers directly or on phone and provide troubleshooting solutions
  • Good troubleshooting ability
  • Good analysis and decision making skills

Desktop support technician job education and qualifications

The education and qualifications of a desktop support technician are:

  • A four year’s bachelor’s degree in computer science

Some employers are not specific about a college degree. However, a bachelor’s degree provides good growth prospects

Desktop support technician salary

The mean salary of a desktop support technician is $40,000 per annum.